Crucial Conversations

It is not just sufficient, if we have great concept or idea. Unless we know how to convey our point to the other persons in a way we intend them to understand, our insightful idea does not make any relevance to the context we deal with. Conversations, when handled poorly, can break the mood around us and make the audience switched off from the context. Conversations, when handled effectively can create more bond, connect and motivation around the people. 

"It's only by words, conflicts begin
 It's only by words, people have fun
 It's only by words, people gain wealth also..."

Both on personal and professional relationships, the choice of the words we use, the timing, mode and method of communication we choose to handle conversations forms important determinants of good conversations. 

Conversations becomes crucial when (1) stakes are high (2) Opinions vary (3) emotions run strong. 

In my opinion, we usually do not recognise the onset of crucial conversations during our conversations. When we do not handle crucial conversations well or when we abruptly avoid crucial conversations, it will have devastating results on our personal health, relationships and our opportunity base. Poorly handled conversations can create void and often leads to a state where we are misinterpreted. 

In our personal, social or professional lives, we are bound to get entangled in crucial conversations at one point or the other where we witness opposing opinions, strong emotions and high stakes. We get tempted to address these crucial conversations on the spot. More than 80% of the times, we may not deal these conversations in the right  manner. We get stressed and find ourselves stuck in chronic problems. It may lead to strained relationships in personal and professional lives.

Whether we agree or disagree, we are in the world of perceptions. People in power and authority perceive contexts in a way suitable for them. Thus, it is important we prevent negative perceptions about us rather than striving to correct the perceptions created about us later in the game. For this, we need to learn the art of conversations.

Crucial conversations when handled well can create peace of mind, good health, improved relations, good problem solving and trust worthiness.  For this, we need to handle crucial conversations with care and rigour. On the onset of crucial conversations, it is important to take a deep breath and acknowledge to ourselves that we are mid of crucial conversations. 

No matter, how much ever talented we are, if we do not converse effectively, we will end up working for those people who knows the art of handling conversations. Thus, crucial conversations play very important role in each of our lives.